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 Application requirements / notes

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PostSubject: Application requirements / notes   Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:19 am

If you have what it takes to be part of TPM you can apply here

This is the basic format for applying:

Minimum Pop count = 600
Min Village = 2
Minimum troop count = 2x pop count

Player name:
villages: name / coordinates
pop count:
number of hours playing per day:
time zone:
experience: (is this your first server? what other servers are you currently playing?)
history: current / previous alliance
when did you start playing in this server?
what is the reason why you want to move to TPM?
have you ever been attacked by a TPM player?
have you ever attacked a TPM player?
do you know anyone inside TPM?

troops: (offense / defense)"PLEASE DO NOT POST TROOP NUMBERS HERE"
this shall be verified by an assigned sitter to check the veracity of your infromation provided.

We will get back to you on your application as soon as we are done checking the informations you have provided and asssess your qualification.

Good luck!
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Application requirements / notes
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